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We’re Wichita’s newest and best solution for construction & excavation services for residential, commercial, public, and professional services.

Our Services

Concrete Pouring & Demolition

Looking to give your property a much needed facelift?  We can help!  We’re capable of driveways, patios, garage floors, building pads, sidewalk, and just about any concrete pour you can think of.

Excavation & Earthwork

At RMC, we offer excavation & earthwork services for all kinds of projects.  Whether you’re needing assistance with site clearing, backfill, sub grade prep, or any other service – we have you covered.  We trust our licensed operators to get your job done well & on time! 


They key to starting any big project is preparing the foundation first.  At RMC, we’re experts in helping you prep your future foundation.  We can help with full building demolitions, site clearing, non-hazardous material removal, & more.  Find out more.

Worker Safety Prioritized

We take worksite safety very seriously. All of our operators wear all of the protective equipment necessary to operate our machinery, along with the standard safety practices expected on a worksite.

Fully Licensed Operators

Our operators are fully licensed & insured - giving you the confidence that not only are you getting qualified workers to get the job done, but that we're operating under standard practices & insurances.

Jobs Completed in a Timely Manner

We always prioritize worker safety, but also know that many jobs have strict deadlines to move forward, with our site preparation & clearing being some of the first to be completed. We stay on top of it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At the end of the day, we want to do right by ALL of our clients. Our guarantee is that we accomplish the job outlined in the description, and that we complete it 100%. Above all else, we want to do right by you.

We Make It Easy

At RMC Construction, we prioritize doing the job the right way. You can trust us as your experts to get the job done on time, with all workplace safety practices in mind. Let RMC be your trusted, professional construction & excavation company.